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BBC: License to Kill Itself?

Today I’ve decided the BBC needs to justify its license fee more than ever. I virtually never watch their programming these days and it seems unfair that they still want £12 a month off me especially in light of the Jimmy Savile scandal, subsequent arrests and resignations. (For non-Brits, think of the BBC as publicly funded tv – no adverts, but we all HAVE to pay a license if we own TV/Radio equipment, even if we don’t tune into their programming). People across the country are up in arms about the scandal; I’ve heard rumours there’s a protest group in Norwich threatening to paint their arses (asses for the American readers) green in protest to the BBC’s behaviour.

The one thing I did enjoy was Shooting Stars with Vic & Bob, but despite excellent ratings, the BBC cancelled it last year, as they told me, to replace it with “cutting edge” stuff because they had “too many comedy panel shows”.

It seems that despite depending on our money, they ignore us when deciding on programming or how to conduct themselves. No business could last with such an attitude, but they endure still. There’s a dark irony in the way their news reporters seem to spend much of their time reporting on their own institution. Must be a weird time to be a BBC journalist.

I’ve also had a weird week, and there have been journalists involved! One week since launch – and it’s definitely been a strange one. Not necessarily in a bad way. Following my Press Release which went out to over 80 recipients, three newspapers have asked me for interviews; Deeside Piper, Press & Journal, and the Ellon Times. All three are locally based and have written up a decent feature on me. The attention is much appreciated and will hopefully grab the interest of local readers who wouldn’t otherwise hear about me.

I feared I’d lost the chance to do the third interview. Kenny from the ET asked to speak with me and my answer was “Would love to, but I’ve a furious outbreak of hives, lost my voice, and my cars broken down.” Thankfully Kenny’s a very decent chap and offered to do it over email.

Not sure how any of this is translating to sales but I’m surprised to see the paperback holding its own against the kindle – it was, after all, an afterthought but apparently a very good one. But it’s all very slow and sluggish – but concourse it’s early days. Despite being keen to promote the book I’ve decided against painting my backside green.

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Well hello there!

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog! Not entirely sure how to write one of these, but I do intend to blog regularly. I certainly have no intention of using my blog space to go on and on (and on) about my amazing “must-have” book which is available on Amazon for either Kindle or Paperback as that would be boring.

Also, what would be the point? The synopsis is out there, the details are well publicised, and the reviews will come (hopefully good ones). There is a time and place for shameless self-promotion (on a busy passenger plane where only one parachute is available, for example). Having said all that… I really do think it fitting to use this first blog to tell you a little about how I came to write Dracula Rekindled. At least then we’ve got it out of the way and we can focus on being friends! (BEST friends if you buy the book)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an interest in horror movies and a fascination with Dracula in particular. I’ve seen many of the movie portrayals; some good, some terrible! I hasten to add, here, that I’m not a horror-buff or Vampire expert.

Contrary to rumours on Twitter, I don’t wander the streets of Aberdeen at night wearing a cape, nor do I hang about blood donor centres. I can’t even say that I’m an “avid reader”; takes me ages to get through a book. As for writing… well since enjoying the opportunities to write prose at school, I hadn’t tried writing anything until about two years ago.
Because you see, three years ago I READ Dracula for the first time. It blew me away and I yearned to read more but, of course, Stoker never wrote a sequel. I was quite aware that there was an abundance of vampire fiction in circulation waiting for me, but I didn’t want to read that – it wouldn’t have satisfied me. Ultimately I had the mad idea of writing my own sequel. I spent quite a lot of time dismissing the idea as silly, unrealistic and well beyond my ability. Eventually though, I swallowed a “Brave Pill” and decided that I’d have a go.

The words flowed and the story came to life. It became a monster in its own right and began to chew into my spare time, my leisure time and even my sleep time! I couldn’t stop, and though life threw me its usual barrage distractions and challenges, I always came back to it until the first draft was completed in the spring of 2012.

Some very special proof-readers gave me a few months’ worth of extra work to get the brute into shape, and then… it was done!

What to do with it? Well, early on in the project I confirmed my suspicion that getting a publisher to even look at your book was nigh on impossible and at the very least required buying the services of a competent Literary Agent. Well quite frankly I didn’t have the patience or finance for this route but an alternative option looked appealing. There has been something of a self-publishing phenomenon in recent years thanks to the growing popularity of eReading devices (and apps) with which make it very easy for anyone to publish… well, anything! So I wrote on with the plan to publish on Amazon’s Kindle; I stuck to this plan.

But low and behold! In the time it’s taken me to get here, Amazon have started providing a print-on-demand service for self-published paperbacks. So I’ve decided to do both and keep everyone happy! Have you bought a copy? If so then please do leave a review on Amazon (and anywhere else for that matter). Reviews really will make a difference to the success of this book because, frankly, little old me doesn’t have the marketing power of some of these huge publishing houses that churn out endless streams of rubbish literature to your local bookstores.
Next Blog NOT about book – promise!


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